Japan Wind Development Co., Ltd.

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We provide consistent handling throughout all phases, from surveys and development through maintenance. We cover everything from searching for suitable wind power sites, business planning, handling legal procedures, environmental considerations, construction, power system interconnection, start of generation to long-term operation planning including maintenance.

Development phase

We conduct wind condition surveys, starting from the search for suitable wind power plant sites. We then analyze the collected wind condition data, investigate the environmental impact and legal regulations, and determine the feasibility of commercialization of wind power generation. Next, we negotiate with landowners and other local stakeholders and also verify the availability of the land as a wind power plant construction site.

Siting studies and commercialization feasibility studies
• Selection of a promising site
• Wind condition data collection/surveys
• Measurement surveys, soil surveys
• Surrounding environment surveys (power system interconnection, material transport)
• Estimate scale of introduction
• Profitability review
Environmental assessment
• Document on Primary Environmental Impact Consideration
• Scoping document
• Environmental impact survey, prediction, and assessment
• Preparation document
• Assessment document

Construction phase

We provide support for the entire process of wind power plant construction, from design to procurement to execution. We also handle grand design for the entire construction phase, as well as construction vendor selection, procurement of construction funds, construction schedule and budget management, and more. We even take care of the import and sale of wind power generators used in wind power plants.

Basic design
• Determination on installation locations of wind turbines
• Configuration of wind turbine scale
• Model selection
Implementation design
• Facility design
• Construction work design
• Construction work planning
• Contracts
• Civil engineering works
• Wind turbine installation works
• Electric works
• Commissioning, inspection、検査

Power generation phase

We provide both investment for operating companies engaged in the wind power business and also comprehensive support for the efficient operation of wind power plants. We handle wind power facility operation, maintenance, and more.

Negotiation with electric power utilities
• Power system interconnection
• Power sales agreements
Operation and maintenance
• Remote monitoring control
• Periodic inspection and maintenance
• Maintenance planning
• Troubleshooting
• Operational support